Ralph S. Leavitt was President of the Rotary Club of Montreal in 1962-63. The Community Services Award was
established in 1963 at the recommendation of the Public Affairs Committee to be given annually to an individual in the
community who, through his (her) actions, exemplified the Rotary idea of service to others and who by so doing
encouraged others to follow his (her) example.

Originally the award was purely honorary. At a later date (1971) a sum of $1,000 was provided for out of a special fund donated by Ralph S.
Leavitt in memory of his father.

In 1991-92, Ralph T. Leavitt was President of the Rotary Club of Montreal. He was the grandson of the person in whose memory the cash
aspect of the Leavitt Award was made possible.

The Leavitt Community Service Award Terms of Reference
as enacted by Resolution of the Board of Directors of the Rotary Club of Montreal on June 18, 1963:

In order to focus public attention on dedication to community service the Public Affairs Committee makes the following proposal:

To inaugurate an annual award which would promote the ideal of community service as embodied in the objects of Rotary.

To honour a deserving individual who has shown outstanding dedication and responsibility for his or her fellowman through voluntary
community service.

The award would be an illuminated scroll for public presentation and an inscription of the name of the individual in a permanent book of
honour held by the Club.

Any citizen other than a member of the Rotary Club of Montreal, who has shown outstanding dedication to voluntary public service within the
community - the community being anywhere within the Montreal Metropolitan area as currently defined.

Nominations may come from all local service clubs, associations and individuals to assure the widest possible field for selection.

The Public Affairs Committee or sub-committee thereof, will be in charge of nominations and preliminary screening of candidates.

The Council of Past Presidents shall act as judges for the final selection.

Since the first award is suggested to coincide with the celebration of our 50th anniversary, presentation should take place at a fall luncheon
sponsored by the Public Affairs Committee in subsequent years.

The Public Affairs Committee should review these terms of reference annually and amend them as required.
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