Honorary Member Dr. Manon Lafleur
"The Premier Club of Quebec"
Meets Tuesdays for Breakfast or Lunch
St. James Club, 1145 Union Avenue (South East corner of Rene Levesque),
Downtown Montreal
Many Rotarians around the District will have heard Dr. Manon Lafleur talk
about the project that she runs in India to help poor women and children
and several Rotary clubs have made donations to the project.

In 1994 Manon went to Varanasi, India to complete her PhD. She became
aware of the poverty that existed there and resolved to do something
about it. With the help of the Rotary Club of Montreal, The Rotary
Foundation and the Velan Award, she founded the Social Services
Program in May 1995, to help village women and children in Uttar
Pradesh. Since then hundreds of children and their mothers have
received a basic education as well as dealing with their basic nutrition
needs. This has enabled them to gain access to higher education at an
English.Hindi school.

Beyond the advantages of a basic education, experience has shown clerly
that the children and mothers have discovered a new self-confidence and
the desire to continue their education. This is probably their only way out
of poverty and ingnorance.

There is still much to be done apart from merely continuing with the
programme. The buildings beed refurbishing and teaching materials need
updating to meet the growing needs.

The programme will focus on counselling and helping the children and
women to get access to government schools and vocational training. For
the most deserving students there will be small scholarships to pay for
their tuition in further studies.

Support will be given to teachers from Karlstad University, Sweden, who
will go to the school as part of their teachers training programme in India.

Manon, who is an Honorary Member of the Rotary Club of Montreal,
spends time each summer in London, UK and would be happy to speak to
Clubs to give a first hand account of what she has achieved and
continues to achieve, in India. Look out for the District Secretary's notices
for contact details, or please contact the Rotary Club of Montreal.
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